UNIVERSITY OF PITESTI SCIENTIFIC BULLETIN,  Series: Electronics and Computers Science
         ISSN 2344-2158 
         Frequency: 2 issues per year
         Publisher: Editura Universitatii din Pitesti 

Aim and Scope

The Scientific Bulletin. Series: Electronics and Computer Science is a scientific publication that covers the full range of fields within electronics engineering and computer science.

The first number of the Bulletin was published in 2001 with content from local authors and became in the latest years more and more interesting for contributors from abroad.

The theme topics of interest address both focused-article and also interdisciplinary approaches. We encourage the submission of original contributions derived from applicative research and relevant studies provided by doctoral thesis.

The continuously increasing of scientific relevance of the published articles and the improving of quality of printed copies is the main goal of our editorial policy.


Prospective authors are invited to submit original papers, previously unpublished or submitted to any other journal. All papers are peer-reviewed before publication. After acceptance, the authors are instructed to produce a paper of no more than twelve pages, following the guidelines from the electronic template. The bulletin template is available in Word format here.

Please send the paper in PDF or Word format to:

Phd. eng. Valeriu Ionescu
University of Pitesti, Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Computers
Targul din Vale, No. 1, 110040, Pitesti, Arges, Romania 
Phone: +4 0348 453200, Fax: +4 0348 453203
E-mail: valeriu.ionescu@upit.ro

Detailed instructions for authors:

1. The paper must be edited using Times New Roman characters spacing single in English or Romanian language and will have an even (recommended) number of pages (even number of pages, maximum 12 pages, A4 format).

2. The A4 pages format is Top –3.5 cm; Bottom – 2.5 cm; Left – 2.5 cm; Right –2.5 cm; Header – 2.5 cm; Footer – 2.5 cm. The paragraphs begin at one TAB of 1 cm.

3. First page:

- after 2 blank lines (14pt), the paper title will be written with capital letters (14pt), bolded and centered;

- after 1 blank line (12pt), the author’s first name will be written with capital letters (12pt), while the given names with small letters, centered;

- the authors’ institutions, complete addresses, including e-mail addresses (11pt);

- after 2 blank lines (12pt), keywords (10 pt), centered (Left – 3 cm; Right – 3 cm);

- after 2 blank line (12pt), the abstract in English language (10pt italic), 4-10 rows spacing single), centered (Left – 1 cm; Right – 1 cm), alignment justified.

4. After 2 blank lines (11pt), the article text will be written (11pt) on two columns format: width – 7.7 cm; spacing – 0.6 cm, alignment justified. The article content will begin with an introduction and will finish with conclusions and references, written with capital letters and without paragraph number. The others chapters can be numbered. The references will be numbered in the order they are cited in the text. The figures, pictures and tables must be introduced into the text in the zones where they are referred (if they are very large will be represented on one column).

- The chapters will be written with capital letters (12 pt), bolded, centered, after 2 blank lines (11pt). The sub-chapters will be written centered, bolded, after 2 blank lines (11pt) (directly after chapter, should be at one blank line). The text will begin after one blank line at 1 TAB.

- The bibliography (10pt) will compulsory contain the name, the given initial and the surname (with capital letter) of the authors, the book title, edition, place and year of the publishing, or the article title with the periodic title, number (month), volume, year, first and last pages (italic, in the original language).

5. The papers will be returned to the authors for correction if they don’t follow the presented instructions.

6. The journal redaction board reserves the right not to publish the non-corresponding materials.

7. The whole responsibility for the papers contents regarding experimental results and their interpretation, accuracy computation as well as language incumbent to the authors only.

8. Too large spacing will not be admitted between the words in a line or more than one blank space line.

9. The whole responsibility for the papers contents regarding experimental results and their interpretation, accuracy computation as well as language incumbent to the authors only. To prevent cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship, the authors of manuscripts are obliged to disclose the input of each author to the text (specifying their affiliations and contributions, i.e. information on who the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, protocol, etc. used during the preparation of the text is). It is forbidden to submit articles where a significant contribution was made by an author but the author's identity is not disclosed. The Editors warn that all detected cases of scientific misconduct will be exposed. The authors must respect the Copyright laws.