Vol 16 no.1 2016

Laurentiu Mihai IONESCU, Alin Gheorghita MAZARE, Nadia BELU, Marius CIRSTEA

University of Pitesti


   In this paper we present a complete solution of command system for LED display using a system on chip architecture. Our solution involves the hardware multiplexer for columns synchronization, the parallel processing module for image preparation and the web software interface for image file selection and conversion in a compatible format. While the hardware processing modules are implemented on FPGA module (Field Programmable Gates Array), the web interface and the web server run on processor (ARM architecture). Both FPGA and processor are part of a single chip system manufactured by Xilinx. Thus are combined the flexibility provided by software part which run on processor and the fast processing speed provided by hardware parallel modules. The paper presents the result obtained with our solution which commands a LED table with 160x48 resolutions with size of 2 m x 0.5 m.

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