Vol 18 no.2 2018


Valahia University of Targoviste (ICSTM), Romania


The paper represents a review of an open source testing platform, for NTC thermistors, that are to be used in different temperature monitoring applications. The NTC thermistors are analog, nonlinear, passive, electronic components that change their resistance according to temperature. The advantages of these widely used components for temperature monitoring, are the low price and availability on the market. The testing platform is comprised of an open source acquisition board with an adaptive shield, for storing the acquired data with a timestamp, on an SD-card, for later processing. A power resistor connected to an adjustable DC power supply, is used to act as a heater for the thermistor, in order to induce the desired temperature and thus resistance. From the datalogger CSV file, an NTC thermistor characteristics curve can be build in order to calculate the Steinhart-Hart coefficients, for mathematical expression of the resistance-temperature relation.

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